Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrating the life of the Blue Eyed Wonder (AKA Wade, Hudson, Wayne, Microwave, Samantha, etc...)

When signs of spring start appearing and the weather starts warming up... it means two things... nights on Joe's rooftop deck, and Wade's Bday! Naturally, a combination of the two makes an ideal night.
Before the main event at Rosa Mexicana (and if you haven't had the guacamole or frozen pomegranate margarita- schedule a night out ASAP), we met on Joe's roof for some pre-dinner cupcakes and cocktails (I admit, I was more excited about the cupcakes).
Happy birthday to one of the most loved, well traveled, delightful, talented, and loving men I have ever met. I love you Waders.

A Weekend in the Country- Take 2

Last fall Carlos, Joe, and I spent the weekend with our friends Jason and Yoav at their country house about 2 hours outside the city. It is a gorgeous home (impeccably decorated thanks largely to Jason) and is surrounded by woods, streams, lakes, and spectacular country.
In addition to the five adults, we had two babies with us as well. Jason and Yoav have a one year old daughter, Emma, and Carlos and Joe are now foster daddies to the most delicious little man you can imagine. (Side note: We know this is a temporary placement, but the gang (especially the daddies) have fallen in love with baby J and it is going to be rough to say goodbye).
It was a weekend of relaxing, playing with babies, singing around the piano, eating Jason's gourmet cooking, soaking in the hot tub, going on nature walks, and reading the entire latest Chelsea Handler book (love her!).
Thanks to Jason and Yoav for another extraordinary weekend (and for the tips on how to cut a babies fingernails).


...Because it is important to choose sides...

Easter BBQ

Carlos and Joe hosted an Easter BBQ at their beautiful house. It's so nice to have a place to go in the city with a back yard, plenty of space, and a fire pit. We are spoiled.
I didn't take many pics- but trust that the food was fabulous (the company was just okay). :)