Thursday, October 22, 2009

The American Idol Experience

Okay, if you have been to Disney World since February 2009, you may have noticed the new American Idol attraction at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM park). Each day 'American Idol' style auditions are held and anyone can audition with a 30 second acapella piece. During several rounds of auditions, producers narrow the participants down to a final few who go on to perform a live show that evening in a new 1000 seat theater. So there we are in the park and the four of us (Joe, Carlos, Annette, and I) decide that we really cannot pass this up. As Carlos and Joe both have professional theater experience, it was decided they would audition and Annette and I would accompany them backstage (each auditioner can bring one 'superfan' with them). However, once we got inside, Carlos bailed and physically FORCED me to audition. I (angrily and hesitantly) agreed, thinking I would sing my 30 seconds and then we would move on to the Animal Kingdom. Turns out, both Joe and I were then kept through several rounds of auditions and were chosen to return later that afternoon for hair, make-up, a vocal coaching, technical run-through, and full performance "American Idol Style" in front of a full audience. Fun, thrilling, terrifying... I cannot describe it. Sure, I was scared to death, forgot to walk to the front of the stage, and cracked on the money note- but that's not the point. It turned out to be one of the funnest ways to spend the day!!! This story will go down as one of the highlight friend events - right up there with the wedding in Costa Rica, Christmas slumber parties, and the night bus to Italy.

Here is a little video recap that was played before the audience voting (I'm SO glad that they showed the clip of my cracking on the big note). :) Sadly, neither Joe or I won, but who cares?!?!? What a blast!!!

The Happiest Place on Earth just got Happier

So, last weekend Carlos, Joe, Paul and I headed down to Orlando, Florida for a weekend of Disney fun. We were joined by the lovely Annette who was a wonderful addition to our annual Florida trip... but it was still not the same without our sister Wade. Day one in the park was spent at EPCOT where we took advantage of the food and wine festival. Where else can you enjoy a meal of crepes, coconut soup, sushi, and enchiladas in the same sitting?

Here is a little video clip of how we spent our time in "China."

Watch the next post for the most SPECTACULAR part of our trip!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Girls Don't Cry

First of all, let me say... I think crying is a good thing. It's an emotional release, it shows you care about something, and it feels like you are giving your eyeballs a good shower. However, I HATE crying in public. Furthermore, I have been cursed with a condition (yet to be diagnosed) at crying at totally innappropriate moments.
I don't usually cry when I am sad. I don't usually cry when I am hurt. The two things that will inevitable move me to tears are (in order):
1) Anger
2) Extreme kindness (either towards myself, or just hearing about someone else).

This week I had two cries (no, I am not a mess, it was just one of those weeks).

The first was work related and I have a strict rule about keeping work talk to a minimun in cyberland (but trust me... it gets ugly).

The second was in reaction to an extremely generous offer by my cousin Jared- one of the most remarkable men I have ever known.

Now all I need is a poorly written hallmark movie of the week (which I admit is the third thing guaranteed to make me bawl).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodbye City Life... Hello Astoria!

When you live in Manhattan, the land of transient work and insane rent prices, you get suckered into helping friends move all the time. Some friends in our circle are always (conveniently) out of town for these moves. I happen to enjoy hauling boxes and seeing how much crap we can squeeze into the back of a moving van. It's like going to the gym, but then whoever is moving is deeply indebted to you (and one day I am going to need help moving out of my 5th floor walk-up). Last weekend Carlos and Joe moved out of their tiny, but ultra convenient midtown apartment. They bought a GORGEOUS three level house in Astoria Queens (right across the river and still pretty convenient). I am already looking forward to Christmas sleepover and dinner parties in the new home. Congrats to the new home owners! Of course, Carlos parked the van too close to a parked car and couldn't open the door. Good thing he is so flexible!

The besties after the move... sweaty and sore, but still smiling.

Therapy: Midtown Style

It's been said that everyone could benefit from therapy.
I have never been to a therapist. I probably never will (I prefer to be on the other side of the proverbial couch).
However, there is one type of Therapy I can get on board with.
Here are some pics from one recent night at 'Therapy.'
(pics taken at Chuck's goodbye party at Therapy before leaving to star in the new show 101 Dalmations).

Bye Chuck! You will be missed!

I'm sorry... but are these two the most handsome boys or what?!?!

Josh and Jeff... Old Friends Worth Celebrating

If you know me well... or even at all... you know I have been very fortunate when it comes to friends. I have a network of friends that have become more of a family than just a social circle. Not only do I have my 'besties,' but I have also met some of the most amazing people over my lifetime that mean the world to me.
Last week I was able to spend time with two of those friends who I don't see nearly often enough. To top it off, these two friends met each other through a twist of fate, and are now planning their wedding for next fall. SO EXCITING!!!
Paul and I made the trek uptown to meet Josh and Jeff and check out their new home improvements. It was so wonderful to see my lovely friends(and share an AMAZING Mexican meal). I adore you both. I fell in love with both of you separately, and now am even more in love with you as a couple.
(BTW, I am still waiting for my 'save the date' in the mail). :)