Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Becoming more Self-Aware

So, most of the time I am pretty docile. I like to chill at home, hang with friends, generally roll with the punches. Sure I get impatient and frustrated at times... we all do. However, I am becoming more aware of my inability to back down when I feel like I am being attacked. Unfortunately, my instinct is to fight back and not hesitate to hit below the belt. Recently, this has back-fired and I may have hurt some feelings along the way. All I can say is I am sorry- I am trying to think before I speak, but if people would just GET OFF MY BACK AND ACT LIKE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS WE WOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!
Also, if everyone around me could never make mistakes, read my mind, and overlook my many many imperfections, I think we would all get along perfectly.
Am I being irrational? :)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday was Father's Day. To celebrate my amazing dad I found a few minutes to call him on my way to the grocery store. A few days earlier I ordered a gift from Amazon.com- I did not even have to wrap or mail anything. Now, I know my dad appreciated the phone call (and especially the gift), but it does not seem quite enough for the man who worked a second job so I could go to Ski school, drove through the night with no sleep on family vacations, and now that I am WELL into adulthood, continues to take me grocery shopping and slip me cash whenever I go home to visit.
This cyber shout out goes to Chris Mann. Husband and Father extraordinaire. I love you pops.

Grief and Memory Lane

A dear dear frient of mine recently endured what must be the most horrible experience a parent can face- losing her two year old daughter. Molly and I grew up together and while I still consider her a close friend, years and distance have made it impossible to see much of each other anymore.
Over the past three weeks, since I first heard of little Lucy's death, I have been thinking of Molly and her family every day. Thinking not only of Molly, but of all my friends and experiences from those magical Toeshime days. This tragedy has generated the gathering of so many people that I had lost contact with, and an overflowing of memories and love for the time I spent with the old gang back at college.
This post is a tribute to Molly NNNOOOoooo McButter Bice Jackson- one of the most loved and adored gals I know.
My dear Molly, please know that I love you and think about you every day. Know that your strength amazes me, the love you have shown lifts me, and your faith inspires me. If you stumble across this post, I hope you enjoy some of these pics from the old (old old) days.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feels like a heatwave... only hotter.

NYC 'enjoyed' its first heat wave of the season this week. Ironicially, we are on day 4 of no A/C in my office. I am miserable. I have refilled my water bottle about 12 times today already. I look something like this....

Monday, June 9, 2008


For Paul's Bday this May, it was decided that we would celebrate this year in Vegas.

Carlos and I flew into town a few days before the rest of the gang and had some great time just the two of us. I loved being there with Carlos, and (with one brief exception) we did not fight at all. I especially enjoyed hanging out with Carlos and my parents. My favorite quote of the weekend was "Jeez Karyn! Now I see where you get your impatience. You are your dad are exactly alike."

Now, growing up in Idaho and going to school in Utah, I have spend PLENTY of time in Vegas. However, this was not the Vegas of my college years.

We had two enormous suites at the Venetian hotel, 5th row center orchestra seats to Cher, and more amazing meals in three days than I usually have in several months. It was wonderful!

Besides the events already mentioned... highlights include seeing my parents (who just happened to be in town), Bellagio Fountain views from Jerry's hotel room, seeing old friends, and spending the day at the pool. I am OFFICIALLY a fan of destination birthdays!