Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

What a week worthy of a great celebration!
My extraordinary momma celebrated a birthday, and three days later Father's Day provided an excuse to praise and honor my spectacular dad.
I am so SO SOOO lucky to have the family and parents I have.
Mom and dad, you are both amazing. Thank you for giving me life, love, and providing 33 years of happiness.
Dad, thank you for teaching me how to tell a story, taking me to The Phantom of the Opera when I was 13 and developing my love for musical theater, and loving me even when I was awkward and bratty.
Mom, thanks for caring about the mundane details of my life, for buying lime juice bars when I come home, and never making me feel guilty for just being me.
Both of you, thank you for falling in love and being my family.
Remember when I was a teenager and you said "your friends may be the most important people in your life now, but just wait... one day your family will be your best friends."
You were totally right!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

One quiet night

The other night I was heading home after a lovely night with my lovely friends.
The weather was misty after a rainy day. Cool, but not cold, wet but not rainy.
The extraordinary thing was that it was Saturday night in Manhattan, but felt totally quiet and still. I did not see anyone else on the street, and traffic was barely existent.
It was one of those moments of reflection and I stopped and realized how lucky I am. I am healthy. I am surrounded by amazing friends. I have the most supportive family. I have a fully functional mind. I am able to work full time and attend graduate school. I have been blessed with countless experiences and opportunities. I get to live in the most spectacular city in the world.
I snapped this picture- not a great shot, but I feel it captured the moment.
I love this city!

Indigo Girls, Matt Nathanson, and Central Park... A Musical Trifecta

I thought that nothing could be better than last year's musical pairing of Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson concert. I was wrong.
Last Tuesday I gladly missed class and spend the evening in Central Park where I heard the Indigo Girls work their magic (third time seeing them at Summer Stage).
I admit, I am a fan. A huge fan. A slightly obsessed fan. I have 214 Indigo Girls songs on my ipod. They are easily my most played music. They have been the soundtrack of my life for the past two decades. I thank Jake Haeberle for turning me on to their music freshman year of HS. I thank Paul for sharing my obsession since freshman year of college. I thank God for sending such brilliant musicians to create the perfect mood music- whether driving up the canyon, celebrating summer at the beach, or crying my eyes out after a miserable day... they have a song to fit the mood.
The addition of Matt Nathanson- a more recent (past two years) addition was the perfect complement to this folk duo.
The night was made even more perfect by being able to share it with two of my besties and fellow Indigo girls fans.
Dinner with Paul and Joey following the concert at Citrus (one of our favorite restaurants) only made the experience more memorable.

Miss Katie the Beautiful

Last week an old friend came into town to celebrate her birthday.
Katie was a BYU acquaintance, and a NYC friend.
I adore her. She is one of those truly exceptional women. Beautiful, talented, wise, loving, generous, and an incredibly supportive friend.
She is about to have baby #2 and has never looked more beautiful (seriously, look at her. She is beyond stunning!).
Wonderful to see you Katie! It was a short visit, but so glad we were able to make it happen.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fire Island/ Paul's Birthday

In sticking with tradition, Paul's recent birthday was a CELEBRATION of the highest order. Paul, Patrick, Joe, Carlos, Matt, Jacob, Joey, and other friends all went out to the wildly fun and beautiful Fire Island for the weekend.
The first day was overcast and foggy. Perfect for walks on the beach and jammies. The second day was sun shiny and hot. Perfect for ocean playing and soaking up some rays.
Now, there is no doubt that this crowd could have fun anywhere... but a stunning beach house on an isolated sand strip surrounded by besties is pretty ideal.
The weekend included dancing on the beach, grilled kabobs and pineapple, BBQs, playing in the ocean, singing at the piano bar, riding the ferry, and just hanging out. Of course, we all went to high tea (be prepared, there is not a miniature sandwich or saucer in sight), and everyone (sans me and Jacob) hit up the midnight underwear party (check you clothing at the door- totes NOT my scene).
Happy Birthday Pauly!!! Can't wait to enjoy your birthday present with you at the Indigo Girls concert next week!

This SHOUT OUT is worth doing twice

A few months ago (or last summer... whatever), I wrote about a new friend Gary Wright. I had heard about Gary for years, so when I finally met him, the expectation was very high. Although my friends had raved about Mr. Wright, they had not done him justice. He is extraordinary.
A few weeks ago I was having one of those nights when you just feel kind of lousy. One of those "I am not as pretty/smart/rich/funny/successful/thin/talented as everyone else I know."
Trust, I am generally very happy (even thrilled) with my life, it was just a bad day. I think it may have had to do with my bestie gang all being away in Birmingham together.
Out of the blue I get this text:
"Honey. You were such the subject, noun, and adjective of all our sentences in Birmingham this weekend. You are TREASURED! Missing you my dear! Know with complete certainty that you are phenomenal. We LOVE you. Pure and simple."
Oh Gary Wright... how did you know?!?!

Gary lives in 'Bama, but it is always a blast when he comes to the city to visit (and NOT just because we go to great restaurants).
Gary Wright... YOU are exquisite. I would know, it takes one to know one.
*** These pics are not the greatest, but they are from the lovely dinner we had together the last time GW was in town.