Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Graduation that Wasn't

So, after two long and grueling years of working full time AND being a full time student (18 credits this last semester) this week marks the week I would have graduated (if I had chosen to walk). I decided not to bother with the ceremony because;
1) I had just returned from The Dominican Republic the day before.
2) No family was able to come out for the ceremony.
3) I still have 2 summer courses, so it's not like I am really done.

Following the last day of classes, I went out with a couple of my nearest and dearest school friends. How is it that in a Social work program that is 80% female, my closest friends were male???

I need to take a class in how to make and keep girlfriends!

Happy Birthday Heather!

It has been a season of birthdays.

I am very lucky to be able to celebrate the lives of so many extraordinary people.

Cheers to Heather! We have kept each other sane at our last two jobs (and I look forward to many more 'business lunches' in the future).

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Achin' and Shakin'

My friend Laura Bell Bundy (you may have seen dance and sing her face off at the CMA awards) has recently released a fabulous country CD.
We went to a release party in the city. Once again, Laura was GIVING IT!
Check out her CD!

Just a Sensible Celebration of ME!

Another year has passed. It's been a good one- a busy one, but a good one.
Highlights of my 33rd year include:
* Traveling to 9 countries (Israel, France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Poland, and Germany).
* Vacations to Las Vegas, Miami, and Rexburg.
* Girls weekend in SLC with Aunt Nancy, Mom, Kym, and Avery (complete with spas, room service, and seeing friends in Legally Blonde).
* Finishing my field placement and second year of my MSW program (only two classes left to graduation!!!).
* No computer crashes or lost/stolen/destroyed electronics (you know I have horrible luck with tech devices).
* Two trips to Disney World with the gang (including performing in the American Idol experience).
* Countless dinners, parties, celebrations, movie nights, and other memory making nights out with people I love.

Surely there are other highlights I cannot recall at this time. All that matters is I survived another year and spend it surrounded by people I love who love me. Who could ask for anything more???

For my bday this year, I kept it simple- just food, friends, and music at my house.


One thing you should know... my girlfriends are FABULOUS! Ashleigh and Heather have been taking classes from DIVA DANCE- a dance company for fabulous women. In NYC, most dance classes are geared towards the professional dancer (Broadway, ballet, ballroom, etc...). Diva Dance is for the non-professional dancers who just like to move and shake their groove thang.

We had a girls night out and went to their showcase in the East Village.
They were FABULOUS (naturally). Beyonce, Gaga, etc... These girls were WORKING IT OUT!

After their show, I headed uptown to see the show of a couple of other 'girlfriends' shaking their stuff.
Equally fabulous... but in a different way.


A few Saturdays ago- two amazing things happened.
1) I got to spend an entire day with my friend Chad Harlow- an extraordinary person who is even busier than I am (hence, we never see each other), and

Chad is a fabulous stylist and cut, colored, and 'banged' me.

I have not had bangs since 6th grade. Some of you may remember the famous bang incident of 1988 when in an attempt to grow my hair out all one length, I had the genius idea to just cut my bangs at the root and be done with them. As soon as I made the cut I realized the error of my ways. That night began both my inclination towards headbands, and my crisis of faith (as I fell asleep, I prayed so intently to wake up and have my hair back. Didn't happen.).

While the bangs and layers took some getting used to. I have to say, this qualifies as one of the top haircuts of my life! Thanks Chad!

*** Notice the forehead and ear bruises and cuts on handsome Chad. He was mugged the day before. MUGGED!!!