Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another NOBU Experience... Thanks Wade, for ruining it for us all.

Thanks to our friend Joe, we have been able to celebrate some special events at Nobu-an excellent restaurant I would not be able to afford on my social worker/student salary.
Nobu is where we decided to celebrate our annual 'Friends Valentines Dinner,' as well as Carlos and Joey's birthdays.
Joe F, Paul, Patrick, Carlos, Joe C, Robyn, Joey, and I all got together for dinner. Sadly, right before the meal, we got a call from Wade saying he had cut off his pinky toe on the corner of a floor mirror (WHAT?!?!) and had to go to the ER.
We enjoyed our meal, but it wasn't the same without our Wade.
Following the meal, me, Paul, Patrick, and Joe cabbed it up to Washington Heights Columbia Hospital to check on our boy.
Oh, it was the most pitiful sight I had ever seen. Our Wade had been sitting there for over three hours on a plastic chair- foot wrapped in gauze and holding his toe in his hand (on ice wrapped in tin foil ).
He was miserable- but appeared much better after some we got him safely home and he enjoyed a dinner of leftover Nobu and a Snickers bar.
Wade, stop limping around already and just suck it up! You have 9 other toes for Pete's sake!!!

You CAN Fight City Hall

So, I am really not an activist, but every now and then I like to make my voice heard.
Now, I am a social worker, but more than that, I am a very fiscally conservative social worker. I support programs that are not only beneficial to individuals, but beneficial to SOCIETY. I like to think that the money being spent on social service programs is being spent WISELY.
This philosophy is what led me to City Hall last week to rally against budget cuts for housing for people who are mentally ill/formerly homeless and living with HIV/AIDS.
Bottom line: Stable housing is LESS EXPENSIVE than the costs of ER visits, nursing homes, and long or short term medical care. Supportive housing significantly reduces the costs on the judicial, medical, and other social programs. Oh, and as a side note... people are living longer healthier lives (but that is often seen as an afterthought to the money saving).
Who doesn't like saving money and living better?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Reunited... and it feels so good!

Back in my Ricks College days, I had a friend- Grant Campbell.
I have not seen Grant in over ten years, but thanks to the wonder of Facebook- we recently got back in touch.
Grant was in NYC last week and we were able to catch up over brunch.
As a bonus, it was one of those freakishly warm February days when you could actually ENJOY being outside.
After brunch, we dragged Paul out to the Park and enjoyed a pleasant winter day in Central Park.
It was so fun catching up with Grant. We have both certainly come a long (long long) way since our college days, but I think the years have been good to both of us.
Good friends, nice weather, and Teddy the Chihuahua.
Who could ask for anything more?

Celebrating the Birth of JoJo

My lovely lovely friend Joey celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago (due to no computer, I am a bit behind in my documenting).
Working computer or not, I could not let this event pass without publicly giving a shout out to one of my all time favorite people and dear friend.
I love you Joey Khoury. You are wise, witty, talented, loyal, handsome, a great travel companion, and have the patience to put up with your/our friends... and yes, I totally have a crush on you. Sue me!
You totes Rock!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shout out to the Birthday Girl- JANTRA!

My previous job was working as a prevention case manager in Queens (working with families whose children were at risk of going into foster care- trying to prevent this from happening and keeping the families together).
The job was far from ideal, but two great things that came out of this job, were the friendships formed with Heather and Jantra.
The three of us left the agency around the same time- Heather and I both taking jobs at Harlem United (working with individuals living with HIV/AIDS), and Jantra to get her Doctorate.
We still get together occassionally- not often enough, but with our busy school/work schedules, we take advantage of the rare opportunities when they come.
This month we celebrated Jantra's birthday (joined by our mutual friend John). Not only was it a great night out with friends I don't see often enough, but it was a good excuse to get out of my upper west side/midtown routine, and get down to the East Village.
Great night. Great company. Great memories.
Did I mention we also went to 16 Handles- my all time favorite frozen yogurt place!
Happy Birthday Miss Jantra! I love you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's all about ME!

So, for the past few weeks there has been a chain going around on Facebook to write a list of random facts about yourself. While I recognize that this is quite self-indulgent... isn't the entire idea of a blog kind of self-indulgent on its own?!?!
Those of you who know me well will certainly recognize most of the following random facts about me. Please feel free to respond with your own random facts about yourself.

1) I have 14,705 songs on my ipod. I listen to the same 500 or so.
2)After living in the same house for 25 years, my parents moved this last year. I though I would miss the old house… but I totally don’t.
3) I used to fantasize about winning an Oscar just so I could publicly call out a girl who was mean to me in elementary school. The fantasy lasted about ten years.
4)That ‘mean girl’ is now my friend.
5)I barely have any upper lip.
6)I once won a New Years Eve contest for who could kiss the most people at midnight.
7) I have loved many, and been loved by many… but I have never been in love.
8) I LOVE being single.
9) I have been to every US state except for Alaska.
10) In 2004 I took my first international trip (Spain). Since then I have been to Italy(x3), France (x2), England (x2), Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Aruba, Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Bahamas and Costa Rica.
11) I often speak in hyperbole and am prone to exaggeration (as my friends often tell me).
12) I don’t leave the house without keys, wallet… and my camera.
13)I am wildly in love with my niece and nephews, but after about an hour… I need a nap!
14)July 14th 2008 was one of the best days of my life.
15)I love giving (and getting) gifts. Gifts are my love language. I get this from my dad.
16) I am very particular about touch.
17) I met my best friend 1st day of Freshman year at college. He is still my bestie (15 years later).
18) I am a city girl, but very proud of my Idaho roots.
19) I only watch TV shows that are available online. No cable.
20) I have a HUGE crush on Tom Cavanaugh.
21) I have been on 5 cross country road trips.
22) Hard work is WAY sexier than a sense of humor.
23)I think my greatest flaw is my lack of patience.
24)I am turning into my parents.
25)I have enormous love and respect for both my parents.
26)I barely spoke to my sister (except to fight) from the age of 12-20. She is now one of my best friends.
27)I have an amazing group of friends- they are my besties/NY Family.
28) My favorite snacks are popsicles, cinnamon bears, dried mangoes, and black licorice.
29) I don’t care for pastries at all.
30)I prefer stale chewy candy to fresh soft candy. I will often buy a bag of licorice or gummy bears, open the bag, and tuck it away and forget about it. When I find it (months later) the candy is hard and stale. Perfect.
31) I could eat Indian food or sushi every day.
32)I worked as a waitress through college.
33) My high school car only got AM radio. I still love classic oldies music (1920-1930s).
34) I once found an unconscious man lying in blood in a snow bank on the side of a country road.
35)My biggest regret is not going to law school directly after undergrad.
36)I love history, but have a horrible memory for dates, details, and facts.
37)I love the 4th of July.
38)If I could have any super power, it would be to speak every language fluently.
39)I am NOT a procrastinator and I hate being late.
40)I only have one kidney.
41)In college, I was voted most likely to start my own religion.
42)I am a horrible loser, but not an obnoxious winner.
43)I am easily offended, but it seldom lasts more than 30 seconds.
44)If I eat apples, pears, nectarines, peaches, cherries, carrots, or celery, my mouth, tongue, and throat start to itch and swell. It SUCKS!
45)I prefer a night in with friends to a night out with friends.
46)I only lived in Salt Lake City for one year. However, whenever I fly into the SLC airport, I always feel like I am home.