Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joey Khoury at Birdland. AMEEEZING!!!

So, one of my dearest friends in the world, the lovely and talented Joey Khoury performed a Christmas Concert at Birdland Jazz club tonight. He (along with two other talented boys) were SPECTACULAR!!! Joey, I love you so much. Don't kill me for posting a video of you. I got choked up and emotional during the show. I was overflowing with pride!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas: A Season For Parties, Parties, and more Parties!!!

Okay, so for the entire month of December, there is something literally every single night. It's only the 15th, but I am already exhausted!
Don't get me wrong. I love the celebration. I love getting together with friends. I love an excuse to dress up. I just don't like waking up at 7am after going to bed at 2am every night for three weeks. No wonder I get deathly sick every time I go home for Christmas. My body finally has a chance to collapse.
So far this year, there have been some great parties.
Joe F threw a great Christmas party- amazing food, great crowd, and the first snowfall of the year enjoyed on his private midtown roof.
Chuck (Eve Starr) had a birthday a few days later. Again, the best company you could ask for. This is someone who's birth I would gladly celebrate... only Chuck loves Sandi Patti as much as I do.
Last Friday was Meredith's annual Holiday party. Always a gathering of my favorite Mormon friends... and one of the only times during the year we can all get together.
Sunday me, Seth and Rodolfo spend the evening fighting tourists and Long Islanders at Rockefeller Center. I have semi-severe crowd phobia, but it was worth it. I love Christmas!
This coming week brings several more parties. I am looking forward to the fun with friends, but to be honest... I am most looking forward to Saturday when I board a plane for Rexburg and can just chill for a week doing NOTHING!

Gypsy of the Year

I took a day off work last week. It was WONDERFUL!
Not only did I get to do lunch with friends Kevin and Doug (in town from LA), but I was able to see the annual Gypsy of the Year awards. GOTY is an event where the Broadway community comes together to put on a variety show of sorts to celebrate the fundraiser for Broadway Cares: Equity Fight AIDS.
Each Bway show performs a number- some are funny spoofy sketches, some are beautiful poignant performances. Either way, it's a great way to spend an afternoon (certainly better than the office). Some of the highlights included Tyne Daly hosting, and wearing the Equus horse hoof shoes, Daniel Radcliff doing a tap number, and the exquisite Lion King cast dance number.
It was great to see Kevin and Doug. I have been able to see Kevin a few times over the past three years, but I have not seen Doug since our Mediterranean Cruise adventures in 2006 when we vacationed in Croatia, Turkey, Greece, and Italy together.

Kevin, Karyn, and Doug outside the New Amsterdam Theater.

Doug, Paul, Kevin, and Karyn at Vynl for lunch.

Kevin, Karyn, and Doug in Rhodes, Greece.

Cast of The Lion King Performing at Gypsy of the Year. AMAZING!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Dear friends and family,
Due to a series of unfortunate events (computer crashed, had to reformat my palm, etc... ) I lost most of my addresses.
I am hoping to get Christmas cards sent out this year. PLEASE give me your address- even if you think I have it.
If you don't feel comfortable leaving it in a comment, feel free to email it to me at karynmann@gmail.com.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season so far!!!

Haul out the Holly!

I couldn't wait any longer. By noon on Thanksgiving day, Ashley, Jake, and I had decided it was time to go get our Christmas tree.
Getting a Christmas tree in NYC is a bit of a chore as we do not have the convenience of a car, so after selecting our 9 foot blue spruce on the corner of 110th and Broadway, we were forced to carry it the four blocks back to the apartment (and up four flights of stairs). Too bad I don't have those pictures to show you!
It was well worth it. In addition to eating, singing around the piano, and diagnosing our families mental disorders, we also spent Thanksgiving afternoon decorating our apartment.
Ashley's mom was in town and cooked an entire traditional Thanksgiving meal for us. During the course of the day, Eddy, Wade, Don, and Jacob joined in the fun.
If I can't be with my family for Thanksgiving, I certainly had the next best thing.

Jacob, me, Jake, and Don around the decorated tree.

Sitting around my apartment digesting dinner.

Rhona and Don untangling beads.

Jake, Me, Pearl, and Eddy before the decorating frenzy began.

Ashley getting creative with bows and branches. Well done Ash!