Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let There be Praise, Let there be JOY in our Hearts

Gary Wright did it again.
Following an amazing meal at a new favorite restaurant 'Bricco,' Gary took me, Paul, and Wade to see one of my personal favorites- the incomparable, ultimate fabulous woman- Sandi Patty!!!
Not only did we sit on the FRONT ROW at Carnegie Hall for Sister Patty's Christmas concert with the New York Pops, but it turns out, Gary is dear friends with Sandi and following the show we went backstage and met her.
She was gracious, personable, open, and charming.
Seriously, the ultimate fabulous woman. No wonder drag queens across the globe strive to emulate her style, energy, sound, and appearance.

Following the concert, we braved the blustery blizzard and headed the few blocks to Therapy to visit Patrick at work.
Great friends. Marvelous music. Horrible weather. Totally worth it!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

After a night of Sandi Patty and hanging with friends at Therapy, I walked the quiet streets of Manhattan in a winter wonderland following the 24 hours of snowfall.
I love quiet NY nights. They don't happen often, but when they do... it's magical.

God put the Rhythm in Joey

One of my besties Joey has been in the long running HIT show Altar Boyz for over two years (he replaced other bestie Carlos in the same role).
Last week he played his last performance. Naturally, we celebrated his new found unemployment/freedom.
Joey, I hope this means you will have your nights free so we can hang out more. However, given your SICK talent, it is only a matter of time before you are back giving 8 shows a week.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meredith's Annual HolidayParty

Every year since the first year I moved to NYC (in 2000), my friend Meredith has had an annual Christmas party. The location has ranged from a museum, to her apartment roof deck, to a a downtown penthouse lounge. The faces have changed as well- but this is the one event each year where I know I will see some of my oldest and dearest NYC friends.
Thanks Meredith for continuing the tradition!

Me and Steven- This party is the one time each year we catch up

MORGAN! One of the first people I ever met in NYC

Me and Seth. We have had some good times over the past ten years. Seth is one of the most remarkable people you will ever meet (chances are you have met him... he knows everyone)

Handsome Ty

Me with the lovely Renee- who I love madly for being a loyal blog reader. Renee, YOU ROCK!!!

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

While running around doing some Christmas shopping this week, I was suddenly filled with the Christmas spirit thanks to the energy of midtown Manhattan at Christmas time. I enjoyed the window displays at Lord and Taylors, walked through Bryant Park and the ice-skating rink, and saw all the wreaths, lights, and music coming from nearly every building. I love Christmas in New York!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Gypsy of the Year

Every year following the Broadway Cares: Equity Fights AIDS fundraiser drive, the Broadway community comes together to celebrate in the form of a mishmash musical review. Numbers are prepared by each Broadway show- some serious and thoughtful, others parodies and spoofs.
I just returned from this years Gypsy of the Year... Starring my bestie Paul Canaan as Cat Deeley- the host of "So You Think You Can Dance."
Paul- you were wonderful (however, I think we would all agree you were prettier as CloClo). Love you poodle!

December 1st - World AIDS Day

I work for an agency that, among other things, is committed to the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS.
In honor of World AIDS Day, I was asked to participate in a video campaign talking about HIV/AIDS prevention. I was given the prompt "I speak about AIDS to (blank) because of (blank).

Look what I found online.

Old friends, New Restaurants, Forever Memories

I have an absolutely lovely and amazing friend who I don't get to see nearly enough.
Gary Wright is kind of like this magical mythical creature. There is no predicting when he will show up, but when he does... I know I am going to be surrounded by the best energy, positivity, and complete love.
In addition to being one of the most complimentary and marvelous men I have ever known, I have also learned that with Gary, comes new restaurant recommendations and fabulous eateries (usually ones that I have never before visited).
Gary came to town last week and we went to Fig and Olive in the Meat packing district. It was wonderful.
To top it off... we went to the Standard Hotel for drinks and dessert after dinner. Another great suggestion.
Mr Wright, how is it that I have lived in NYC for more than ten years, but whenever you visit from Alabama you know the city far better than I do? My friend, please teach me to be more like you!

The gang at dinner:

Joey and Wade

Me and Paul