Monday, March 22, 2010

Night out at NOBU

Nobu 57 has become a favorite place to gather with the gang for food, drinks, and laughter. We decided to try the downtown Nobu location this last week.
Totally different atmosphere, slightly different menu, same amazing company.
Thanks to Joe for another great night!

Miss Carly Jeanne... One Night Only!

Of of my dearest girlfriends came to town last week- for far too short a visit.
We were able to grab lunch at our old favorite- Crepes on Columbus.
Wade joined us and we chatted about the latest news with our friends, our lives, and our families.

Monday, March 8, 2010


John, Karyn Wade

Tony, Regina, John, Karyn, Joe

The Gorgeous Newlyweds- Tony and Regina

John and Karyn

The boys: Joe, Wade, Tony, John

Wade, Regina, Karyn

I thought this was the end of the night... it was just the beginning!

Growing Pains

These past weekend was full of unexpectedness (is that a word)?
While I clearly have no concerns about my own privacy (hence, the public blog), I do try to shy away from the life details of those around me. That being said, when big life changes come to those you are closest to, one cannot help but be affected.
(was that vague enough).
It is painful to see people you love aching.

I recently read a line in a book that so adequately captured that gut wrenching emotion of helplessness when someone you love is suffering and there is nothing you can do about it.

"You want to know what helplessness is? It's listening to your inmate wife tell you about the psychopath who is terrorizing her and not being able to do a damn thing about it."

This is clearly a very detailed and unfamiliar scenario, yet I can't explain why this resonated so strongly. Perhaps it's because this past year was pretty smooth sailing for me, but more than ever it seems that people I care about were suffering through some of the most painful life events (Death of parents, children, spouses. Unemployment. Broken relationships, broken hearts, health problems, etc...).

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could actually carry some of the pain of others when they need it (and likewise, pass some of our own off when it's too much)?

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

This past week I went to see the Broadway musical HAIR. The show was great fun- I mean, how often do you get a chance to wear flowers in your hair and get humped in your seat by an old friend dressed as a long haired hippie? (not often enough I say)!

Apparently the theme of the night was "friends in long haired wigs singing their faces off" because following HAIR, my lovely friend Heather and I headed over to Bartini to see another friend (Daniel Kelly, i.e. Paige Turner) do a little show.

Just another Thursday night in midtown...

Happy Birthday Carlos!!!

My bestie Carlos had a birthday last week (I am not permitted publicly disclose what number this is). All that matters is he still LOOKS 29.
The friends gathered at his house for a night of food, music, dancing, drinking, laughing, and loving.
I can think of no better reason to celebrate than the birth of this amazing man. Carlos, you are amazing, talented, handsome, loving, ambitious, generous, motivating, inspiring, and brilliant. Of course, you are also slightly crazy and I fear you are losing your mind. For better or worse- you are my best friend and I love you more than I can ever say. Thanks for more than a decade of of fights and making up. I love you stroodle!

Gary, Karyn, Joey, Paul

Carlos, Paul, Karyn, Joey

Eddy, Carlos, Patrick

Tom, Karyn, Kelsey

The amazing Eddy Bowles (in town for only a few days)

Gary Wright and the Bday boy