Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holy Guacamole Patrick!

July 14th is Patrick's birthday. Since there was no way we could top his birthday last year (zip lining in Costa Rica), we did the best we could here in NYC.
Once again, it was proven that it does not matter what you do, only, who you are with. A friendly dinner gathering with Paul, Patrick, Joe, Gaelen, Joey and Scott.
Oh, and Rosa Mexicana guacamole made right at your table... not THAT'S a party!!!

Dinosaur BBQ and Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Last Friday after work I went out with a group of co-workers to the famous Dinosaur BBQ. The call of macaroni and cheese and fried green tomatoes was too great to refuse (not to mention the exceptional company).
The celebration was in honor of Javon's birthday, but really, this group does not need an excuse to gather after 5:00pm and nurse our frustrations with conversation and libations.

After dinner, I was feeling full and content and decided that since it was such a lovely summer night, I would walk a few blocks before jumping on the bus/in a cab/on the subway. As Dinosaur BBQ is right next to the Hudson River, I decided to take advantage of the bike bath that runs along the river. I entered at 131st and planned to walk to 125th (it was dark and I was more concerned about safety than the distance). Unfortunately, I did not realize that once you get on the path, there is not an outlet until 96th Street!!! Once you start, the Henry Hudson Highway is on your left, and the Hudson River on your right.
Fortunately, it was a lovely night, and the view of the Jersey lights and the river made for a gorgeous view. Since I was wearing my work shoes, I ended up walking barefoot by the end (carefully avoiding dog poop and needles) but I did finally make it home.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Those who know me well know that I LOVE the 4th of July. Besides Christmas, it is my all time hands down favorite holiday.
Family, parades, fireworks, summer, BBQs, watermelon... seriously, it's like all the best things in life on one day. The past 8 years or so I have not been feeling too patriotic, however, some of that USA pride is starting to return and only adds to the celebration.
The past two years I have been able to go home to Idaho for the 4th. Oh, I love it there so much! Due to work/school schedules this summer (as well as the 2.5 week vacation I have coming up in August) I was not able to get away. However, I had a spectacular time with my NYC family.
Joe had a great view of the firework show from his private roof deck. We had a BBQ, all the fixings, and Paul singing "God Bless America" in full soprano voice during the fireworks (I think he was trying to compete with Audra for the vocals).
Here's to another great holiday surrounded by the people I love. If only Avery, Wyatt, and Mitchell could have been there- that would have made it perfect.

Joey, Patrick, Robyn, me, and Paul enjoying the fireworks

Yes, that is Patrick with a watermelon and arugula salad with balsamic reduction.

Prince Recker Comes Home (temporarily)

Former roommate and dear dear friend Chris Recker snuck away from the Spring Awakening tour and came back to NYC to visit last week.
Naturally, both of the two nights out found us at Therapy- the usual watering hole.
It's always nice to have old friends back in town- but even nicer to know that although miles may separate us... this friendship is strong enough to handle a few years of distance and minimal contact.
Chris my dear, you are missed. Hurry home. Your friends miss you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


It was a big week for celebrating diversity and individuality here in NYC (and around the world). On June 25th the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, made his transition (no disrespect, but I kind of thought he died like 5 years ago). In my semi-professional opinion, the man was clearly mentally ill, most definitely a severe substance abuser, and may or may not have had a string of inappropriate relationships with minors. Regardless, he sure could dance, sing, put on a spectacular show... and throughout his career, created a ridiculous amount of amazing music.
I work a block away from the famed Apollo Theater in the heart of Harlem. The streets were packed all weeks with mourners coming to pay their respects, write messages of love, and leave gifts. I have not seen anything close to this kind of memorial since 9/11. Way to steal Farrah's spotlight, MJ.

Continuing with the theme of celebrating individuality, Sunday the 27th was the annual Pride Day Parade. This year was significant as it was the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots of 1969 (by most accounts, the official kick off of the gay rights movement). It is sad (and a little sickening) to think that 40 years later so many of our gay brothers and sisters are still fighting for basic civil rights. Yet, I am glad to see that progress has been made and will continue until these gross inequalities are rectified.

My friend Kelsey giving ATTITUDE!

Jaslene Gonzalez- American's Next Top Model winner

Me, Clark, and Joe heading home after a long day of Pride Celebrations

Another One Bites the Dust

New York is a very transient city, and living here, I have become used to friends coming and going. Sometimes (let's be honest) it's good riddance. Some folks are not cut out for city living and begin counting the days until their exit almost as soon as they arrive.
Others come to NYC to make the city their home. They put down roots, build their network, and join in the ridicule of the ones who just cannot take it.
(For the record, I fall somewhere in between... I love this city and have no immediate plans to leave. However, once my knees start to go and I can no longer tolerate 5th floor walk-ups, public transportation, and noisy neighbors- I am OUT).
This last week I had to say goodbye to my dear friends Carly and Neil (my more faithful readers may remember the blog about their SLC weddng last summer). This was a rough one. Carly has been a friend for over a decade- since the BYU days. Neil was a friend in the city and I played a big role in setting them up (Neil stole my phone and sent texts to Carly asking what she thought of him under the guise it was me). Sneaky, but effective.
They were seduced by opportunity outside the city and we had a final night of laughs and stories before their bitter departure.
While some friends come and go, these are friends I am confident I will see again.
Love you guys!

Working IT... 9 to 5

I finally saw the new musical 9 to 5.
Our talented friend Gaelen was going on for the Judy Bernly role (played by Jane Fonda in the movie), so Paul, Patrick and I went to see her.
She was amazing (as expected) and the whole show was fun fun FUN!