Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walden-McLean Wedding: Together Forever

Picture this: A floating gazebo in the middle of lake. Champagne is flowing, flowers are blooming, chocolate, cheese, and fruit adorn every guests chair. Live music is provided by some of the best in the business. Friends and family surround you. The entire scene is nestled between two valleys covered in fall foliage colors on a private estate in Vermont. At the center of this scene are two incredibly handsome men- one in a full Scottish kilt ensemble, and the other in a dapper suit and tie. Both wearing killer smiles. The wedding day is finally here!!!

I don't think it is a coincidence that the two best weddings I have ever been to (by far) were both gay weddings- those boys know how to throw a PARTY!!!
I just returned from the wedding of two of my dearest friends- Josh Walden and Jeff McLean. I have known Josh and Jeff separately for about ten years- through totally different circles. Two years ago, both friends were cast in the tour of the Bway musical "Legally Blonde" and the romance developed immediately.
Knowing Josh and Jeff apart, and seeing them together is magical. These fellas are two of the most loving, creative, unique, generous, loyal, and all around extraordinary men I know. I am so So SOOO glad I was able to be a part of this wedding celebration.
A weekend of love, laughter, tears, more laughter... and always, LOVE!

The private bus ride taking us from our hotel to an organic country diner the night before the wedding (please note the grooms matching gingham shirts).

Pajama party in the movie theater we had to ourselves. Mystery Science Theater 3000 to "The American." Horrible movie. Awesome narration by the wedding party.

Pre-wedding mingling, socializing, toasting, and celebrating.

The Ceremony: Without a doubt, the best speeches I have ever heard at a wedding ceremony. Noah, Rye, Aunt Suzanne.... all inspiring and inspired!!!

Post ceremony celebrations... the party continues

*** Here with the groom and the legal document wedding license. YEAH for Vermont for being one of the brave and humane states to allow equal rights for all and NOT discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Need More Vacation Days

I recently accomplished a life long goal of visiting all 50 states. It feels good. There are some gorgeous (and not so gorgeous) corners of this nation. Mountains, plains, forests, beaches, deserts, urban city centers, suburban mini-malls... we really have it all.

Now, time to start scratching off more countries... 27 down, 167 to go!

*** BTW, fly-bys don't count. My criteria was that I had to spend enough time in each state to have at least two meals... in case you were wondering.

ALASKA! The last of the 50 states to visit-

I recently returned from the most outrageously beautiful and fabulous vacation- a week in Alaska with my bestie Wade. Now, I have been to some gorgeous places in the past, but few can compare with spectacular Alaska.
Wade is one of my nearest and dearest- being besties since the old BYU days (for anyone keeping track- that was 14 years ago). We met up in Seattle (Wade is performing on the Princess cruise ship) and started the week off with hugs, kisses, laughter, secrets(you better keep your mouth shut Wade!), gossip... and of course... more laughter (that was the one constant of the week).
Highlights include:
Hiking in Juneau

Train ride in Skagway

Breath taking Glacier Bay

Playing mini-golf and Ping pong (I think I found my sport!).

Walking around cute Ketchikan (the Salmon capital of the world)

Evening shopping, awesome Mexican food and free drinks in Victoria, BC

#1 highlight: Seven days of time, love, and memory making with the extraordinary Wade Foster. Late nights laughing our faces off in Wade's cabin watching Will and Grace and old home videos of our last 14 years, catching up with Regina- another friend working on the ship, and watching Wade perform.