Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last minute vacation to Utah and Idaho

Thanks to my amazing Aunt Nancy (and her Delta miles), I was able to spend a week with my family in Utah and Idaho.
Highlights include:
1) Staying at the Grand America hotel and getting massages and room service.
2) Going to Legally Blonde with my mom, sister, niece, and Aunt.
3) Seeing my amazing friends Jeff, Josh, and Ven in LB in SLC.
4) Spending quality time with Aunt Nancy.
5) Spending time with Grandma Henderson and Grandma Flint.
6) Chillazing in Rexburg with no responsibilities other than go to Millhollow with the coolest kids ever.
7) Annual free-for-all spending spree in the College Bookstore with dad (thanks Dad!).
8) Mom cooking Sunday dinner with funeral potatoes (the best ever)!

LOWlights include:
Not having my camera and only taking one picture the entire week. WHAT? WHO AM I?!?!

(this photo of me and the handsome Ven is the only pic taken the entire week. Completely out of character for me).

A Night Out with my Girlfriends

Many nights when I go out, I am the only lady in the crowd (a fact I am not crazy about, but I have come to accept). I have a few dear friends who sometimes provide some extra femininity for the night. Thanks to Paige Turner, Eve Starr, and Squeezebox Heidi (we don't see you nearly enough Squeezebox) for continuing to keep it real. Love you gals!

Going Once. Going Twice. SOLD!

A few weeks ago the gang and I went to a fundraiser for the Gaynor School (private school on the UWS). In addition to having a great night out with friends, other highlights include live music provided by Bernadette Peters, amazing food, and, best of all... a live auction.
This was no ordinary auction. At one point, The Edge (from U2) got up and played the guitar, autographed it, and auctioned it off. You should know that I got caught up in the excitement and bid $14,000. Thank goodness someone outbid me- but I did get to experience the thrill of making a bid like that!
As a table, we were pretty stoked about the final item- an all inclusive private villa on the beach in the Dominican Republic (in house chef included). Thanks to Carlos's bidding skills and enthusiasm... WE GOT IT!!!
I will be vacationing with my friends over Memorial Day weekend at our private beach side villa being catered to by a gourmet chef. BRING IT!
(the above picture of Matty demonstrates my excitement over this upcoming vacay).