Thursday, January 29, 2009


You know, I feel like I have fairly good luck. I have an amazing family, extraordinary friends, and have been blessed with some fantastic opportunities.
However, when it comes to electronics... my luck has run out!
I have had both an Ipod and a digital camera stolen, my next camera was accidentally dropped and destroyed by a child. I have had two computers crash at the worst possible moments, and I cannot get cable because for the past two years Time Warner has refused to acknowledge that my address exists. strange.
It has happened again. Two weeks after the 12 month warranty ran out on my laptop, I am once again left with no computer. I don't know what's wrong. It will turn on, but the screen is black and will not respond to any commands. UGH!!!
No blogging, no facebook, no before I fall asleep (again, since I can't get cable, I can only watch online TV).
All this doesn't really matter. The problem is I am also in grad school and will now need to do my work at the office. Ugh.
Here's hoping I can take it in and will find out it's only a minor problem. However, considering my past experiences... I am not banking on it.
There is a silver lining to all this- nearly everything is backed up, so I have not lost information. It's just a $$$ loss.
Lesson learned: Next time, splurge and get the extended warranty. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ALIAS. I'm addicted

I started watching the ALIAS series over Christmas Break. For the past two weeks, I have been making up lies and excuses to get out of social events in order to stay home and watch the latest adventures of Sydney Bristow.
It's been just under three weeks, and I am on the 4th episode of the 5th and final season. I have logged a lot of hours in bed with just my laptop and Jake's Rimbaldi Box containing DVDs of the entire series.
I am slowing down only because I don't want it to end.
I love everyone on this show... except Lauren. She's a bitch.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding pictures back... FINALLY

As you may recall, two of my besties, Carlos and Joe, got married this past July.
I finally got my hands on some of the professional pictures from that day.
There is no way to capture how absolutely perfect the setting was... but these pics do a pretty good job.

Joe's Birthday at Nobu

I was not supposed to wear makeup for a week after LASIK... and absolutely NO mascara for two weeks. However, it was Joe's Birthday on the 9th and we were celebrating at Nobu. Now, Nobu is NOT a place to show up without your face on (the last time we went here we ended up talking with both Bill Clinton and Michael Buble).
It was a great night! Best friends, amazing food, and a surprise gift of cupcakes and champagne from one of Joe's absent friends delivered to our table.


So, my second post as a blogger was about my LASIK experience in March. While it was a horrifying process, it was SO worth it! My sight was so bad, that I was warned with such a strong Rx, it is not uncommon for eyes to over correct and I might need a follow up procedure down the line.
Sadly, after 9 months of blurriness in one eye, I had to go back for an 'enhancement' in my left eye.
The good news is, I am now on my way to perfect vision.
For anyone considering LASIK, know that those 5 minutes of alien abduction style torture are TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Goodbye Tree.

Christmas tree: $120 plus carrying it home 1/4 mile and up four flights of stairs.
Decorations: $80 plus an afternoon of untangling lights and beads.
December Con Edison bill: $340 (I wish I was kidding).
Cost of taking a brittle dead tree down 4 flights of stairs: Blood, sweat, and tears.
Sitting by the lighted tree with my NY Family: Priceless.
Here are some photos of the evolution of our tree this year.
Perhaps this Youtube video better sums up our experience.

Outside our apartment after carrying the tree from 110th and Broadway.

Thanksgiving day taking a mid-decorating break

Getting ready to carry the tree out in a sheet (in order to avoid leaving a trail of needles throughout the building).

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year Darlings!

It's 2009. Big whoop.
There is always so much hype around New Years Eve.
As long as I am not standing in Times Square surrounded by strangers in the freezing cold, I am fine.
Give me an intimate dinner, a party with friends, and fancy eye-wear, and I am happy.
Most important, I just want to be surrounded by people I love.
We had a great dinner at Park Winter Restaurant (thanks again to the extraordinary Gary Wright), and then headed over to Jerry Mitchell's party. Jerry has an apartment with a huge balcony that overlooks time square and the apple dropping extravaganza... but without the crowds. Perfect.

I'll be Home for Christmas

I have decided not to send the hateful and expletive laden letter I scripted to Delta, but just trust that traveling on a holiday weekend during a snowstorm is NOT the best way to start a vacation.
The good news is, I made it to Rexburg, Idaho after only a temporary delay.
While I was stuck in the airport, knowing I would miss my connecting flight, I felt myself getting more and more anxious and angry. In an effort to keep the 'grinch' side of me in check, I started making a list of how things could be worse. Now, I am not the worlds greatest optimist, but IT TOTALLY WORKED!
As I looked around the airport at the people who were stranded overnight, families with young children, people who were sick, in wheelchairs, travelers from foreign countries who were struggling with language barriers, etc... I realized how lucky I was to by in my situation.
Here is my partial list as written in my palm pilot:
1) I have a nice house to go home to.
2) I am going home for a celebration, not a funeral or other tragedy.
3) I have a family who loves me and is waiting for me.
4) I am traveling alone and only responsible for myself.
5) I have the physical stamina, intelligence, and ability to endure this.
6) I am frustrated, but safe and comfortable.
7) I am not sick.
8) I have a job, family, friends, and home waiting for me when this is over.
9) I got my ticket with frequent flier miles, not $$$.

I finally made it... and it was all SO worth it. Highlights include; playing left- right-center, storm dumping 30 inches of snow, Mitchell's birthday party making gingerbread houses, and the kids seeing Santa on Christmas Eve. I loved being with my family... and I LOVE my parent's new house!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I have two families. My Idaho family, and my New York Family.
Each year, I look forward to spending Christmas with my Idaho family. I LOVE being home for Christmas.
With many of us being away from the city for Christmas, my New York Family has a tradition of picking a night in December to celebrate Christmas together as a 'family.' Over the course of the past 9 years, our NY family has grown from three, to four, to six to eight. The tradition usually involves a sleepover party where we make tons of food, sit up watching our 'best of' movie clips, and reliving our favorite stories and memories from over the years. Without fail, we exchange gifts with everyone and usually end up with more loot than we can carry home without a rental car.
This year was a little different. Due to extra busy schedules, early flights, limited budgets, etc... we decided to skip the extravagant gift buying, and instead go to a nice dinner together and write each other letters as 'gifts.'
Paul and Patrick did a great job of picking the restaurant- 'Landmark' at the Time Warner Building overlooking Central Park (and HELLO... they serve plates of cotton candy for dessert).
As much as I loved our old tradition... I think we may be on to a great new way of celebrating the season.

Gone but NEVER forgotten

So, my TWO loyal readers may recall that I lost Chris, my dear friend and roommate to the Spring Awakening tour this past August. The good news is, we found Ashley to move in and she has been a great 'replacement.'
Chris left a hole in my apartment, and my heart since leaving town. I was so excited to be able to see him when he was in town for a few days this month.
An early birthday party was planned at Therapy Bar and was WELL attended by anyone who matters.
Chris, you have quite a fan club! I am proud to call myself a lifetime member.

Karyn, Jake, and Chris- the old 969 Gang

Chris, Chuck, Karyn

Joe, Karyn, Devin

Robert, Jacob, Karyn, Mark