Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodbye My Love- You Will be Greatly Missed

Our most transient friend Wade has left us once again. I can't blame him. 6 months touring the Baltics as a featured singer on a cruise ship... not a bad way to make a buck- traveling the world and performing, housekeeping and catering services provided- all while working about 15 hours a week. As if that wasn't incentive enough to get out of the city for a while, the gorgeous and talented Regina will be his partner in crime (and on stage). How could he not go?!?!
Of course, his NY family will miss him (trust that I have already purchased my ticket to go visit for 10 days- Copenhagen, Berlin, Oslo, St. Petersburg, etc...).
Let it be known that no one comes or goes without quite a bit of fanfare.
We had a parting dinner at Nobu the night before he left, and then brunch the morning of his departure (9 hours later) at 44 1/2.
Wade my darling boy, you are loved. You are adored. Your NY family misses you already. Well, not Paul. He is glad the competition is gone. :) MWAH!

Life Upon the Wicked Stage

My closest relatives live 2200 miles away. Naturally, I am very excited anytime family comes to town.
Two weeks ago my aunt and cousins came to town. It was so fun to spend the day hanging out with them and catching up on what is going on with the family out west.
In addition to lunch at Rockefeller Center, touring Ground Zero, Battery Park, and Soho shopping, the highlight of the day was seeing 'Wicked' with Tawnya, Madi, and Syndey. Being so close to the Broadway world, it is easy to take the opportunity to see great theater for granted. However, there is nothing like seeing a show like 'Wicked' with teenage girls to remind me of the magic of musical theater. I have some friends in the show and was able to arrange a backstage tour for us after the performance. My young cousins are big fans of the show and were able to meet all the leads backstage and get pictures and autographs, hang out in the Greenroom, walk on the stage and check out the backstage scenery and orchestra pit.
A HUGE thank-you to Paul and Ben for making me look very cool in front of my family. :)

It's Tony Time!

It's that time of year again... the annual Tony Awards.
Growing up in Idaho I would look forward to this award show the way sport fans anticipate the Superbowl. This was my chance to catch a glimpse of Broadway musical numbers from my living room (as this was years before Internet, youtube, or even DVD's of hit musicals).
I have to say, I have (sadly) become highly disillusioned about the politics of the Tony awards. Shows that, in my fairly educated and experienced opinion, should be nominated, are not. This year is no exception (HELLO!!! [title of show] for best musical!!!).
I have been able to attend the Tony's several times, but to be honest, I find them more enjoyable from the comfort of my living room -and I don't have to wear heels either. I will certainly watch this year and support my friends who are nominated and involved with nominated shows.
Last week I went to a couple plays in order to have a more informed opinion of the pending awards.
My brief reviews of shows I saw this week:
Mary Stuart:

I have an affinity for historical plays. Mary Stuart chronicles the last few months of Mary, the rightful heir to the English throne, trying to persuade her cousin Queen Elizabeth I to release her from prison and pardon her death sentence.
Superb performances redeem this otherwise unexciting piece of theater.

Desire Under the Elms:

I am embarrassed to admit, one of the things that drew me to this play was the chance to see Carla Gugino's performance. Why would I hesitate to admit this??? Because the reason for my affection is that she was my favorite character in my favorite childhood movie "Troop Beverly Hills."
She stole the scene then, and again this week at the St. James Theater.
If you are looking for some entertainment with full frontal male nudity and mother's murdering their babies... be sure to catch this HIT before it closes.
Congrats and Good Luck to all the nominees!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking for a new roommate: Craigslist Killer need not apply

My very cool roommate Ashley is being deported to Canada. This SUCKS!
Not only am I losing a great roomie, but I have to go throught the hassle and mess of finding a new roomate. For the most part, I have had very good luck with roommates in NYC- I would hate to see a break in that trend.
I just posted the following ad on Craigslist (the source that gave me both former best ever roomies Chris and Ashley).
Here's hoping the trend continues...
Awesome bedroom in 3 bdr apt. (Upper West Side)
Awesome room in 3 bedroom apartment in a 4 floor walk up building available July 1.
If you are a no pets, non-smoker, responsible, clean, gay friendly, cool professional - this could be a great fit.
Two rooms are potentially available (I may switch rooms depending on what you are interested in).
The two potential rooms both have one exposed brick wall and two windows.
One room is very large with a large closet ($1300) and the other is smaller, but still a good size room ($1100).
The apartment is one block from Central Park, and close to both the B/C and 1 train. The M11 bus stop is in front of the building, and the M7 is one block away. We are also across the street from the best crepe restaurant in NYC. :)
About the roommates: One female social worker and one male who works for the NY City Ballet. We are both in our early 30’s, laid back, pleasant, and like our apartment to feel like home when we walk in. Of course, we would like to find someone who feels the same way.
If you are interested, please shoot me an email with a little about yourself. If this seems like a good fit, we can schedule a time for you to come see the place.
Take care!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Year Older, Another Year Wiser

32 was a good year. It ended with a celebration surrounded by good friends (as so many of my NY nights are) on a rooftop patio. However, as I look back on this past year, I realize that in addition to the lovely 'normal' days I have had, I have also had some pretty rad adventures as well. Some of the special events of my 32nd year that helped break up the monotony of work/play/life include:
LASIK eye surgery.
Two trips to Florida (once in October to Disney world, again for winter break to Miami).
Two trips to Las Vegas (once in May 08 for Paul's birthday, once in April 09 for 'Peepshow' opening).
My best friends (Carlos and Joe's) wedding on the beach in Costa Rica (zip-lining, river rafting, hiking, swimming, etc....).
My little brother Kyle's wedding in Boise, Idaho.
4th of July in Idaho with my family.
Celebrating the life of my Grandpa, Bill Henderson at his Memorial Service 7/5/08.
Carly Lewis White's wedding in SLC.
Sharing dinner with some new friends- Bill Clinton, Michael Buble, LeeAnn Womack, etc...
Spending a long weekend in Chicago and watching TWO tapings of the Oprah Winfrey Show.
Attending the final match of the US Open.
Long weekend in Montreal with Seth M.
Cirque du Soleil.
Weekend trips to Washington DC, Sleepy Hollow, and the Poconos.
Reaching the goal of (at the time) seeing every musical currently playing on Broadway.
Experiencing the campaign, election,and inauguration of President Barack Obama.
Completing my first year of grad school.

Paul, Wade, Karyn, Jacob at the Bday party

Roomies: Ashley, Karyn, and Jake

Ashley and Sagen at the Bday spread

What a view!

Christian, Patrick, Wade, Karyn (and Teddy).

Me and the lovely Jen Dahl.

HU Coworkers Heather and Cory. I love you guys!

Me and Paul L.

Seth showing me and Devin some love.

I freakin LOVE my friends!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

The day after celebrating my own birth, I went out with friends to celebrate the birthday of the extraordinary Matt Kovich.
We went to the fancy schmantzy vegetarian restaurant Candle 79. Now, I am not a vegetarian (although I did go several years in college without meat to impress someone I thought was pretty cool). I admit, my expectations were low going into this experience. I have to say... Candle 79 was one of the best meals I have had in a long time! It was SO WONDERFULLY GOOD!!!
Happy Birthday Matt! I hope you had fun. Thanks for introducing me to the finer and more animal friendly ways of dining.

Walking in Someone Else's Shoes

There have been times over the years when I have asked, or been asked 'what would it be like to be that person/in that situation/having that experience?'
Sometimes it is impossible to fully put ourselves in someone else's shoes.
Other times however, we get the chance to literally have the opportunity to walk a mile (or across Central Park) in someone else's shoes.
The other day I was walking with my friend Seth. He was wearing flip flops that had been rubbing his feet raw. He had blisters and cuts across his feet and could barely go on. He had wrapped his flip flops in paper towels, but still, the pain continued.
(Let me add here that Seth is very tough and not at all a complainer).
We agreed to switch shoes to provide his feet some temporary relief.
I was so focused on walking in big man flip flops swaddled in paper towels, that I did not immediately realize how foolish Seth looked. He did not seem to mind traipsing across the park in women's sandals. Of course, I noticed (but in our relationship, I have always been the one more concerned about social behaviors).

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Peepshow Baby!

So, last week Paul, Wade, and I met up with a bunch of other NYC friends and went to the opening night of the new show 'Peepshow' now playing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. New York friend Jerry Mitchell- director/choreographer/showman extraordinaire has created a Broadway Bares inspired Vegas Spectacular.
The show was amazing- great talent, great bodies, great music, great dancing, etc...
Of course, the best part of any opening night is the opening night party. This one was no exception. To be poolside on a rooftop overlooking the Vegas strip enjoying an open bar and music with your besties (and Lindsay Lohan) is a pretty great way to spend the evening.
Good luck to Jerry, Andrew, and all others involved in this amazing new production!

Paul and Rusty overcome by the excitment of the show!

Laura Bell, me, and Wade on our way to the party.

Me with NY friend Joe Machota.

Eat it!

Me with NY friend Michael.


Paul, Jerry (the amazing director of the show) and Wade

Me and Waders

Toasting to the success of the newest Vegas hit!

Waders and Pauly

Besties! Paul, Karyn, and Wade