Friday, April 24, 2009

The Best Kind of Group Therapy

The night before Paul and I set off on our 10 day adventure to Idaho/Utah/Vegas, our good friend from our BYU days came to NYC to visit. Sadly, Lee got into town Thursday night and we had to leave Friday morning.
Fortunately, plans worked out and we had an amazing time with him, and his delightful boyfriend Jason.
Prior to meeting up with Lee, Paul and I went and saw the new Broadway HIT musical "Next to Normal." It was amazing. Not your typical musical theater material- bipolar schizophrenic mom destroys herself and her family over time due to unresolved guilt and sorrow, etc... blah, blah, blah...
The music was spectacular, the cast was exquisite, and I was so happy for my friend Dontee who was part of the creative team.
Following a show about therapy, we then went to our favorite watering hole, Therapy, to meet up with Lee and other friends.
Thanks to spring break, the Thursday night happy hour event was back on!
Lee, it was so great to spend the evening catching up with you and meeting the amazing Jason. Next time, let's plan the visit better so we can spend more than a few hours together. Also, I resent not being your plus 1 now. Can you please try and arrange three tickets to all future shows. :)

A Missed Indulgence

I have several vices... and even more weaknesses.
One powerful force I cannot ignore or overcome is the devilish craving I have towards Girl Scout Samoas cookies (now referred to as 'caramel deLights in some markets for PC reasons). Trust, there is nothing 'light' about these cookies. Ooohh... they are just AMEEEZING!
Fortunately, they are only available once a year, and even then, several years will sometimes pass without an opportunity to buy a box of these calorie packed cholesterol laden morsels of celestial bliss.
This past week when I was home in Idaho, my mom told me she had a box of for me(What... WHERE?!?!). Of course, I got distracted and ended up leaving town without them. I met up with my parents a week later in Vegas. Guess what... my amazing mom had brought the box of cookies with her (what a gem). Of course, in the car shuffle, opening night festivities, seeing Elton John, etc... I again forgot to grab the box of cookies.
I assume my every-other-year palate pleasers are now back in Idaho.
Just a reminder... MOM, IF YOU ARE READING THIS... my birthday is 12 days away and I CAN accept packages at work (I'm just saying...).

Goodbye Winter... HELLO Spring!!! (finally)

So, I just returned from a lovely 10 day trip to Idaho/Utah/Vegas (pics and stories coming soon). I saw my family, old friends, new friends, and overall had a marvelous time.
I returned to NYC expected spring weather, but was greeted by gusty winds and freezing rain. What the....!?!?!
I just found out that this weekend will be in the 80's. You can bet I will be spending some quality time in the fresh air.
In honor of the passing seasons, here is a glimpse of an evening a few weeks ago.
It was officially spring, but still cold and rainy. Not to be deterred by the weather, Carlos, Joe, Jacob, and moi treated ourselves to Coldstone Creamery and sat outside in the Plaza to enjoy our frozen treat. SO COLD!
Apparently, wishes and happy thoughts do not make the sun come out any earlier.