Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wade, (AKA Microwave, Wayne, Darth Waders), one of my all time besties (going on around 14 years now) is in and out of NYC due to his work- performing on cruise ships (not a bad gig- traveling the world while getting paid to do what he loves). While I support his talent and work ethic, the greater part of me celebrates when a contract finished and he returns to his NY family (until the next gig calls him back to the open seas and adoring fans).
After a 9 month absence, Wade returned to us last month. We celebrated with a dinner party at Carlos's house.

A few weeks later, we again celebrated Wade with a birthday dinner at Film Center Cafe.

Wade, I love you so much! Thanks for your amazing friendship, humor, loyalty, compliments, talent, fashion sense, and all around extraordinariness (that's a word).