Monday, March 28, 2011

San Francisco- Back Again

I love San Francisco. As a young kid, we lived outside the city and I have memories of going into San Fran to see The Nutcracker at Christmastime, driving up and over the steep city streets in the family car, and tearing apart round loaves of sourdough bread bought at Fisherman's Wharf.

Going back as an adult is even better. We got to do all those things (well, not see The Nutcracker), PLUS have cocktails, dance all night at an 80's club, and sleep in a hotel (not the backseat of the station wagon).
We only had one day in San Fran, but we made the most of it. Dinner at Harvey's (as in Harvey Milk), dancing all night at Trigger in the Castro, and the double decker tour bus to catch see the city sights.

... AND, the company couldn't be beat!

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